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Are you Team Droid? or Team iPhone?

The new Droid Motorola phone from Verizon seems to be quite a topic of discussion lately. It’s almost impossible to not compare it to the iPhone – since the iPhone was the start of a new revolutionary cell phone trend! Apple introduced many features that people never thought they would see in a cell phone, but they did it and they did it well. Since then, we see have seen other companies try to compete with the iPhone, such as the Blackberry Storm, the My Touch 3G, and other touch-screen smart phones of the sort. But none of them really matched the iPhone. There was no competition, I don’t think, until now – with the release of the Motorolla Droid.

The Droid is seemingly taking a lot of the marketshare away from Apple! Why? Well after doing some research, here’s what I found:


Let’s start with the camera. The Droid offers a 5 mega-pixel camera (wow) WITH a flash! Ya, the iPhone certainly doesn’t have that…yet. The Droid also has 16G of removable memory, which can be upgraded to 32G at the users will. With the iPhone, you basically get what you pay for and you’re stuck with it, unless you upgrade. The batter of the Droid gives users 1.4 hours more talktime than the iPhone.  Although I love my iPhone, it’s always dying on me.  So I’m sure many users will switch to the Droid just for some extra battery life.

The Droid also slides open and shut, with a full keyboard. So users can choose if they want to use the touch interface or the traditional full keyboard. With the iPhone, you can only use a touch keyboard – that sometimes freezes too.

Even though the Droid is slightly thicker than the iphone, its screen is more compact – and the phone is smaller in general. I’m not a big fan of this because I love to watch my movies on my iPhone without having to squint to see it…but this could be a plus for some people that like smaller gadgets.


I’ve heard stories about the Droid’s UI being glitchy, but it’s still the first release so I’ll cut them some slack. But all in all, I think it has a much more intuitive interface than the iPhone. The iPhone, has the touch and drag, and the pinch effect to zoom in and out of the page. The Droid has something similar, but has more touch commands. For example if you swipe and drag your finger it’ll do one thing, and swiping it another way will do another.

Google’s Droid also has a far more superior standard navigation system then the iPhone. It also have better voice commands and a lot more free features that one would usually have to pay for if they have the iPhone. The Droid applications also run in the background. This is a huge grudge I hold against the iPhone. I think the iPhone is a near-perfect phone…except that the apps don’t run in the background. I hate that.

I mean, all in all the Droid is better because it’s newer. The iPhone came out first and set the standard so all these other companies are coming out trying to exceed the standard. Apple did it first, so I know they’ll do it better. When the iPhone 4G comes out next year, I know it’ll show up any smartphone ANY DAY! Take that Google!

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  1. rich (July 7, 2011)

    Well im going team iphone but only if its jailbroke!!

    • jskez1010 (December 13, 2011)

      Not now when Android is pulling 20mb per second

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