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Bike Shop Mock Up
This site was one of the first studies I did in school. The products navigation was designed for usability through metaphor. I think the symbols worked well and made sense to the user. This site was strictly made in html and did not require the use of php or the use of a database.
School Networking Site
This project was one with high aspirations. A partner of mine Rene Padilla had heard that our school had switched over to a new system that tracked students grades. We decided to design a system that allowed the teacher to communicate with each but also communicate with the students as well. The app was designed to have a calendar system that could be updated by teachers and students as well as have a file sharing API so we can start saving paper. Perhaps if we had funding this thing could have done some good instead of staying a concept only.
This project was a study for the San Diego Museum of International Study. The study was for an exhibit that showcased the fallen city of Persepolis of Persian (located in Iran today). I love pieces like these were I learn about something different while doing the project. I think that's something we as designers take for granted. We have exposure to all the things that are our client brings to us so we constantly learn. I guess you can call this perks of the job.
Musashi’s Book of Five Rings
The "Book of Five Rings" I found was a very fun project to take on. The book cover before was very plain and just black. If you have samurai's and swords and blood you have recipe for an awesomely fun project. I wanted to keep the look that it had before which was dark and powerful so I chose to keep black as the main color. The main image is one of a samurai using the spear and I found it to be very catching especially with blood splatter brush added as well. They're are some projects that have you scratching your head and they're are ones that you just can't stop thinking about because they're so many fun directions you can go with.
Premier Powersports
The project was designed to specifically market to the adrenaline junkies that use powersport vehicles. I used compelling images and bright colors that they use to design these sports vehicles to attract the eye to them. I was told this site was going to compete directly with a local rival that had a site that wasn't designed to bring traffic in but more to inform and educate any customers that visited. Even though I don't own or recreationally use these vehicles I enjoyed making this site.
This was a conceptual site developed for the rock band called muse. The direction I went with was a minimalistic one. I didn't want anything to compete with the focus of the site which is the band. The side nav was successful because it played will the main image to the right. I feel like the sidenav balanced the site and made the site look balanced. Muse did not approve this site again it was merely conceptual.
AutoText was a project I took on that needed a site fast. I made this site using Wordpress because I wanted to utilize the backend functionality because I knew this company was going to make a lot of changes all the time. I wanted the site to look very corporate and have a look of establishment. The Client was pleased. I'm currently working on another site for their next app.